About the Relegated

The Relegated is about the obscure corners of soccer, here in North America and abroad, with a strong focus on the supporters and the culture that surrounds the clubs that they support.

This year we will be focusing on Minnesota United FC and the world cup.

The Relegated is currently written by Bill MK, a supporter of MN United FC, USMNT and good support everywhere.


3 Responses to About the Relegated

  1. Scott Ludwig says:

    Wondering if you would like to do a link-exchange? My blog: http://minnesotakicks.wordpress.com

  2. Alex C says:

    Hey, I am a fellow MN United Fan / follower of the NASL. For the last two years I have spreadsheets / extended standings (points possible, overall seasons stats, current playoff standings down to the 5th tie breaker level) that I share with friends and other Loons (Stars) fans and this year I was hoping to start a blog that would be an easy to understand breakdown of the various races throughout the somewhat complicated 2014 NASL season. My thought is that since I have maintain these stats anyways I may as well share them with other NASL. However after checking out therelegated.org, I would love if I could somehow I could be a guest content contributor on your blog where fans could find extended standings information in an accessible and well-designed access point. I know this is a strange request but I would love to add to your blog while finding a better soap box for my own content. Let me know.

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