Habits, a reminder app for the Pebble smartwatch

I struggle with managing everything in my life sometimes. I find myself lost in own thoughts often, and forget to do important daily jobs and activities that either I need to do for my job or I want to do because of my priorities. Or other times I just don’t follow through with plans or actions I want to do.

I recently purchased a pebble time (first generation) and couldn’t be more pleased with it, particularly when I discovered the app My Habits for it. A kezelpay app, it costs 2.99 and is completely worth the cost as it makes my watch an excellent reminder tool.

My Habits allows you to set up a reminder to appear on your watch at regular intervals. You click yes, you did whatever the reminder was for or no, you didn’t. It’s that simple. And it makes managing my daily life a million times easier.

As a teacher, I have to complete my attendance every day, but I find myself getting too involved in my teaching and forgetting to submit my attendance. Instead, the nurse’s aide has to call me each day and ask for my attendance. On my habits app, I set a reminder to submit my attendance every day at 9:35 and haven’t forgotten since.

The app also keeps track of your streak of completing the activity so I stay motivated to complete the various activities I have reminders.

I know there are plenty of apps like this that work on my phone, but as a teacher, I can’t be looking at my phone all the time. The pebble watch has a subtle vibration to get my attention and shows on the screen my habits reminder.

I currently have reminders for working out, not eating treats, not eating after 7 PM (notice a pattern? I could stand to lose some weight) and taking 30 minutes to write.

A tool like a smartwatch is only as good as the apps it has for it, and My Habits is definitely making it worthwhile.

About Bill MK

A writer, an avid consumer of soccer, music, media, books and games, a poorly self-taught handy man, a nom de plume.
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