Loon Ratings Results for Minnesota United’s 2-1 Away Win at Atlanta (5/31)

chart_1 (3)

It was great to get away from Atlanta with the win, even though Minnesota at times looked very suspect, especially at the back.

Looking at the rankings, I was a bit surprised by the ratings of some of the players.  First, Greg Jordan, who has been a polarizing player in the past, rated higher than Miguel Ibarra.  I guess that’s what happens when you put one in the back of the net.  I think Jordan might be the first player to score who does not also have an assist.

Second, the two Kallmans, who were rated at a 7 and 6 respectively were rated much higher than I expected.  Brian Kallman was actually rated as highly as Pitchkolan and Ibarra, who I personally felt had much stronger games.   If anything, the play of Brent Kallman in the centerback role really reinforced to me how good Dias and Calvano are in that role.  

Player of the Match

Just like the Dark Clouds, the fans picked Mitch Hildebrandt as the Player of the Match, and with good reason.  He picked up his back four on a number of occasions, making fantastic stops and keeping Atlanta off the scoreboard until Minnesota’s offense could catch up and put a couple in.

Sub of the Match 

While not having a stand out game coming off the bench, it was great to see Richard Garcia, the Kookaburra himself, while not the centerback we need, he will be a great addition to our attack with Omar Daley likely on the outside of the midfield rotation.

Inflated Ratings Are Ok

I feel like the ratings are about a point, possibly two, too high for many of the players, but ultimately, I think that ends up being an argument of semantics than actually about the play of the players.  Relative to each other, the players were rated pretty accurately.

Thanks everyone for filling out the loon rankings this week!  Check all the nitty gritty statistics behind the cut!

Player Name Average (Mean) Mode Median Min Max Standard Deviation
Mitch Hildebrandt 8.83 9 9 8 10 0.65
Brian Kallman 6.92 6 7 5 9 0.97
Brent Kallman 6.13 6 6 4 8 1.03
Pitchkolan 7.04 7 7 4 9 1.23
Justin Davis 7.33 8 7.5 6 9 0.96
Vicentini 6.42 7 7 4 8 1.25
Greg Jordan 7.67 7 8 5 10 1.27
Bracallello 6.17 5 6 3 8 1.40
D. Mendes 6.33 6 6 5 9 0.92
Miguel Ibarra 7.25 7 7 6 9 1.07
C. Ramirez 8.42 8 8 7 10 0.83
F. Franks 6.04 6 6 4 9 1.07
R. Garcia 6.29 6 6 4 10 1.08
Overall Team Performance 7.08 7 7 5 8 0.88
Manny Lago’s Coaching Decisions 7.35 8 8 3 10 1.53

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