Loon Ratings Results for Des Moines Menace Away USOC (5/28)

chart_1 (2)

Normally, when the team wins, particularly a knock out game, the team will get rated highly.  But with the team struggling with a team of amateurs, the fans didn’t seem to excited about the team.  It is great though that the team is able to play a team of almost all 2nd teamers and still win.  Would have liked to have seen a 2 or 3-0 scoreline, but ultimately, a win is a win in a tournament like the US Open Cup.

Well, I think the new requirement to justify low and high scores work, if only for some great commentary on the game.  But before I share some of them and look at the scores, here is one that caused the score to be deleted: “I just don’t think Jordan is that good of a player.”  If that’s your reason for a 1, I’m going to delete the 1.  1’s and 2’s are reserved for players who have a monumentally bad game, not players who you don’t think are that good.  Give him a 3 or a 4, but if he is just “not that good” I’m going to delete the score.

Player of the Match

While the winning score was made by a sub, there was one player the fans recognized as the player who got the team there, Mitch Hildebrandt.  Strong in goal, he kept the match level until Ramirez was able to come on and score.

Sub of the Match

Ramirez was obviously going to win the sub of the match, with his game winning goal late in the game.  Fans who were there talked about how the game changed when Ramirez stepped on the field.  It’s great to have a player like that.  As good as Pablo Campos is, it never felt that way as a fan last year, that Pablo Campos changed the tempo of the game.

Some of the fans justified his ratings thusly: “Christian Ramirez got the Winner coming on as a sub. Deserves a 9.” and “Ramirez lighted it up with the huge goal and all around great play.

Some other Feedback on players

“Kallman was a beast in the air and looked very solid both on the ball and defensively. Hope to see more of him on Saturday with the injuries and suspensions.”

“Daley had a bad game, but mostly it looked to me like he didn’t even want to be there.”

Details of the rankings for math nerds behind the cut!

Player Average Median Mode Min Max Standard Deviation Count
Hildebrandt 7.67 8 6 6 10 1.58 9
Reed 6.56 6 6 6 8 0.73 9
Brent Kallman 6.89 7 6 4 9 1.76 9
Cristiano Dias 7.11 7 7 5 10 1.45 9
T. Polak 6.44 6 6 6 7 0.53 9
Gyorio 6.22 6 6 5 7 0.67 9
Takada 6.78 7 7 5 10 1.56 9
Watson 6.44 7 7 4 8 1.33 9
Daley 4.89 5 6 2 10 2.42 9
Franks 7.11 7 8 5 9 1.27 9
Prindham 6.11 6 6 4 9 1.45 9
Ramirez 8.89 9 10 7 10 1.05 9
Jordan 6.88 6.5 6 6 9 1.13 8
Pitchkolan 6.44 6 6 5 9 1.13 9
Overall Team Performance 6.00 6 6 4 8 1.22 9
Manny Lago’s Coaching Decisions 6.78 7 7 4 9 1.56 9



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