Loon Ratings for Ft. Lauderdale Strikers Home

chart_1 (5)

When you win, and win convincingly, the fans respond in kind.  Overall, the team was rated an 8, which sounds about right.  One major mistake, and Minnesota controlled the match.

Players of the Week

Miguel Ibarra and Christian Ramirez were neck and neck for Player of the Week, with Ramirez won with a higher average.  I’ve already talked about what made these two so great this week, but it’s clear these two get a lot of appreciation for their ability on and off the ball and their highlight reel goals.

But what about those other players who had great games.  What surprised me was that Matt Van Okel was the third highest ranked player of the match.  While he had a decent game, what about the games Calvano, Pitchkolan and Vicentini?  Those three seemed to have games that were worthy of higher rankings, particularly Vicentini, who played a full game for the first time this season.

While Vicentini once again was ranked rather poorly, at least more fans are beginning to recognize what he brings to the game.  I’ll admit I was in that camp as well, particularly with the energy Jordan brings.

Defender of the Week

In an interest to support our defenders, who have had some fantastic games, but go unrecognized sometimes, I’m adding another award, Defender of the Week.  This week, it was Calvano, who had another fabulous game both on the ball and defending it.  After Altman and Tobin left last year, there were some concerns about the position of centerback, but he has stepped up admirably.  

Sub of the Week

Jordan is our sub of the week again, but it’s quickly becoming not much of a competition.  Manny Lagos, could you please use all three subs so we can have more subs to choose from?

Thanks for rating the players this week, and hopefully we can rate the players after Carolina just as high.

Detailed stats below the cut: 

Average (mean) Median Mode Standard Deviation Count
Matt Van Okel 8.04 8 8 1.11 45
Brian Kallman 6.56 7 7 1.52 45
Tiago Calvano 7.36 7 7 0.98 45
Cristiano Dias 6.77 6 6 1.33 44
Justin Davis 7.02 7 7 1.10 45
Vicentini 6.49 7 7 1.75 45
A. Pitchkolan 7.58 8 7 1.16 45
Bracallello 7.14 7 8 1.36 44
D. Mendes 7.04 7 7 1.02 45
Miguel Ibarra 8.54 9 9 0.84 46
C. Ramirez 8.72 9 9 0.86 46
Jordan 7.32 7 7 1.67 44
Tyler Polak 6.00 6 6 1.40 43
Overall Team Performance 8.09 8 8 0.87 45
Manny Lago’s Coaching Decisions 7.42 8 8 1.31 45
How was Nunez’s dive in first half stoppage time? 10 Epic, 1 Epic Fail. 5.07 5 1 3.69 41

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