Weekly News Wrap-Up: May 17th Edition

What a week it’s been for Minnesota United FC.  The great news for this summer keeps on coming!

Minnesota to Play Swansea City (EPL) in a Friendly July 19th

This is pretty unbelievable news.  The team met the promoter for the Swansea City summer tour in England, and that set in motion this friendly happening.  Last summer we complained about the lack of marque friendlies, but this year, it’s a veritable bonanza this year, with a July 4th friendly and fireworks as well as the Swansea City friendly.  I’m pumped

Minnesota will travel to Des Moines for their Third Round US Open Cup Tie, May 28th

The Loons will be seeking revenge for last years loss against the Menace.  Unfortunately, the team will be playing away in Des Moines.  It’s a Wednesday, so start coming up with your work excuses now.  If United wins, they will play in KC against Sporting Kansas City.

Kevin Venegas out for 6-8 weeks

The right back, Venegas, is out for the spring season after suffering a broken jaw in training.  Kallman right now feels like a big step down, so he’s really going to have to step up his game.

Mall of America is now the sleeve sponsor for Minnesota United FC

As long as it is not called Mall of America Sleeve on Minnesota United FC Jersey, I’m excited about this.  A great brand to have advertising on the jersey.

Interesting Richard Garcia interview

Minnesota MLS Watch

A new report from Fox Sports North suggests that the Vikings are getting serious about their bid for an MLS team in Minnesota.  The only new information is that the Wilf’s took in a Seattle Sounders game.  An indoor soccer team sounds awful in the new dome being built, but competition is good, and hopefully will lead to the best ownership group getting a team in MLS.

FIFA Corruption Watch

In Europe, people are getting wise to the fact that the new Fair Play rules are really just designed to keep poorer clubs down.  In World Cup Qatar news, lots of people are dying building the stadiums, and Sepp Blatter has finally admitted it was a mistake.  Not to hold the World Cup in Qatar, oh no.  Just to have the World Cup in the Summer in Qatar.  And in Brazil World Cup news, protesters are saying that “there will be no world cup.” Not what you would expect from such a soccer loving nation.

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