Minnesota United Weekly News Round-Up, May 3rd Edition

Well. we have weekly news wrap-ups, and then we have this weeks news wrap up. Wow!  Let’s get started shall we?

Minnesota United FC

Minnesota United FC officially added to Olympiacos v. Man City for a double header

For me, this couldn’t have been better news.  Between my wife expected to give birth in August, the tickets being 60 bucks a piece and one of the teams being Man City, I wasn’t planning on going to the game.  But free tickets are awesome, and I can’t wait to see how many people stick around for the Minnesota United game.

We could break modern Minnesota league (but probably not friendly) attendance records. And this is also already selling a bunch more season tickets.  Very cool stuff, and great work by the front office to get this done.

Previews, previews, previews

Check out the previews for the match this weekend, including Minnesota United FC’s and yours truly’s own preview. No SoccerCentric preview yet.

New Player Signing: Mackenzie Pridham

You can find out a little bit more about the newest signing at mlssoccer.com.  He’s a forward, and will help out with an area that the team could use some depth.  Check out his highlight reel below:

First signing on the Reserve Team: An Egg!

Not really, but that guy needs to get a picture on his twitter account.  His name is Peter Xiong.  Sounds like the team is planning a big announcement with all the reserve players.  I’m hoping to get an interview with Donny Marks soon to find out more about him and his goals (and the team’s goals) for the reserve side.

Webstore is open for business

All I can say is finally.  I look forward to picking up one of these at the game today:

Minnesota v. Indy Stream of the week on ESPN 3

Love this.  I wonder if I will be able to rewatch this when I get home tonight, or if I have to wait for it to get posted to the NASL live website.

The Relegated is being reposted over at SoccerCentric at the Star Tribune

I know I already posted this, but just in case you missed it, here it is again!  They are going to repost the tactics posts I write, which is great.  Hopefully it will let more people read it.

Other News

MLS has a money problem

Interesting article in the New Yorker about how MLS doesn’t pay it’s players enough and has weird roster and player movement rules.  I think we all have griped about that one time or another.

Crystal Palace Watch

A crystal palace watch sounds pretty fancy, but this is only the section of the update where I talk about my new-found love, Tony Pulis and Crystal Palace.  They lost at home to Man City last week, which wasn’t all that surprising.  Tony Pulis was named Manager of the Month for April, which makes sense, when you lead your relegation threatened team to 5 victories in a row.

This week they play Liverpool, and have a shot at messing up their shot at the league title.

For your amusement: Jersey swap.


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