Better Know a Foe: Indy Eleven

9 points in 3 games ain’t too shabby, that’s for sure.  The team has toughed out a couple of victories against Canadian teams over the past two weeks, but our Midwest rivals from the Crossroads of America are coming in to town looking for their first win.  So, what exactly are will Minnesota be facing?

Indy’s Last Game

Indy Eleven gave up two headers in the box that gave Ft. Lauderdale a 3-1 lead, although they would get one back in stoppage time.  In both cases, the header was by a trailer into the box, which likely means that the Indy was out numbered in the middle of field.  This is going to be a big part of how Minnesota will need to break down Indy this weekend.

Tactics of Indy Eleven

The team plays a pretty traditional 4-4-2, with the former Loon Mike Ambersley in attack and Kleberson of the Brazil ’02 World Cup winning team in central midfield.  Most of their offense runs through Kleberson, so Pitchkolan and whoever is partnered with him will have to work hard to shut him down.  A 4-4-2 is a favorable match up because the 5 midfielders in the 4-2-3-1 create an odd man situation in the midfield.

Indy Eleven will have to decide if one of their forwards will have to track back into the midfield, which could cause issues with their counterattack having a forward out of position.  If not, their defense will have to push up a bit, and that may open up space behind the line for Ramirez, Ibarra or Watson to run onto a well played ball.

Unless their outside midfielders play in toward the center of the field, Minnesota will likely have trouble moving the ball wide in the middle third.  Instead, as stated above, the middle of the field is where Minnesota will find the most space to work.

Congrats to the Indy Eleven Team and Fans

Peter Wilt has done an amazing job and the Brickyard Battalion has helped to create a must see ticket in Indianapolis.  They sold out both of their home games so far, and one was up against a Pacers playoff game.  I really wish Minnesota had a downtown stadium, because I wonder what our support would look like if we had a 12,000 seat stadium in Minneapolis or St. Paul.

It’s too bad their fans will have to wait another week for a victory. My prediction? 3-1 United.



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