#LoonRatings for Edmonton Home

Well, this was a win for Minnesota, but looking at the scores we gave the players, it didn’t seem like it.  chart_1



Overall, the team was rated much lower than before, with our first sub 6 median score. Perhaps part of the change is the clearer explanation of the ratings, perhaps part of it is playing against such a frustrating team like Edmonton FC, who’s goal is to frustrate a team into making mistakes and counter-attacking.

Player of the Week

Congrats to Matt Van Oekel, who by a nose beats out Cristiano Dias, Minnesota United’s man of the match.  After watching the game again, I thought there was a couple of times that Van Oekel could have come out quicker than he did, but he also had a couple of great save that kept us in the game.

Sub of the Week

This one was obvious, Simone Bracallello wins the sub of the week, although Jordan is quickly becoming a fan favorite.  Bracallello was also the Dark Clouds man of the match.

Downvote of the Week

I changed this from goat of the week, because I feel like calling them the “goat” of the week makes it seem like they cost the team the game.  Most of the time, and this year in particular, they haven’t at all.  They might have had a bad game, or we as fans might not be understanding their role correctly.  This week Franks got downvoted pretty heavily.  That’s interesting to me.  I think the fans are downvoting him for a couple of reasons.  He seems to disappear on the field, his passes and touches aren’t always the best and he has 3 or 4 good midfielders sitting behind him.

With such a crowded midfield you better produce or the fans are going to want someone else.  However, when Jordan came in, while he was everywhere on the field, there were a couple of instances where he had an awkward first touch, or didn’t control the ball cleanly.  In addition, Franks was playing against a defense designed to shut down the middle of the field, which meant, he was going to have limited touches.  Still, the people have spoken.  It’ll be interesting to see who starts next week.

Additional Notes

Take a peek at the full break down of the stats.  I included this week the max score each player received, the min score as well as the count.  The counts are different for each player because it seems some people are skipping some of the players when they do their rankings.  I think next week I’ll require every question to be answered.

Best answer to the bonus question?

The question this week was “who will be the player of the week against Indy?”  There were a bunch of Ramirez and Ibarra, a couple MVOs, a Pitchkolan and a Watson, but the best answer?  Not Ambersley. 

name average max median min mode standard deviation count
Matt Van Oekel 8.13 10 8 5 9 1.38 39
Tiago Calvano 6.67 10 7 5 7 1.31 36
Venegas 6.71 10 6 5 6 1.13 35
Cristiano Dias 7.95 10 8 5 9 1.37 37
Justin Davis 6.67 10 7 4 6 1.15 36
Floyd Franks 4.74 8 5 2 5 1.78 42
A. Pitchkolan 6.61 8 6.5 5 6 0.96 36
J. Watson 6.67 8 7 5 6 0.96 36
O. Daley 5.92 8 6 3 6 1.13 36
Miguel Ibarra 7.39 10 7 6 7 1.17 38
C. Ramirez 6.47 9 6 4 6 0.98 38
Jordan 7.38 10 7 4 6 1.67 42
S. Bracalello 7.83 10 8 4 8 1.11 40
Overall Team Performance 7.18 10 7 5 7 1.09 38
Manny Lago’s Coaching Decisions 7.32 10 7 4 8 1.36 37

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