Minnesota United FC (and beyond!) Weekly News Wrap-Up (April 25th Edition)

Well, it’s less than 24 hours until the home opener and I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m psyched.  I’m predicting sell out and a 3-0 win.  You heard it here first.  On to the news!

US Open Cup Schedule Announced

So, they finally got around to announcing the schedule.  It had some really interesting developments in it.  First, confirming what we had heard, there will be at least two weeks between games, which is great, particularly for the lower level sides so they can actually make it to the games.

Second, with 80 teams now, Minnesota will enter a round later, in the third round.  Which is kind of perfect for a fan, because we now have another game once all our home games in the spring season are done.  It looks like the game will be May 28th, so circle that date on your calendar.

Dark Suds: Beer tasting at the tailgate tomorrow

That title pretty much says it all. If you are a fan of beer, bring a bottle of something interesting and join in the tasting.

Iron Skillet Method T-Shirts

In other supporter news, there are going to be some very sweet shirts for sale tomorrow, celebrating the ridiculous in-joke started by Bruce Dunord of the dunord podcast fame.  The joke was to have supporters show up at practice and throw iron skillets at any player who lost their mark on set pieces.  Now it’s a t-shirt.  That I must have.

Dunord Podcast interview Jamie Watson

This is probably the best interview I’ve heard on the podcast.  Jamie was willing to share a bit more than most interviewees, and most of what they talked about was hilarious.  Seriously, if you haven’t listening to this, you need to now.  “You score like Jamie Watson!”

Great Article on Soccer Tactics

Just a great article about soccer tactics.  Talks a lot about how tactics is more than just formations and x’s and o’s but rather players being able to predict what their teammates are going to do.  I’m going to look more closely tomorrow at what the team does in those transition times.  What do the wings do when they get the ball back?  What does Pitch do when the Loons turn over the ball?  Those are the times that the game can be won, because how we do in those moments sets up our defense or offense for success or failure.

Crystal Palace Watch – 5 In a Row

Now in 12th place, and likely out of relegation, people are actually talking about the team having a shot at a top 10 finish.  Also, people are talking about how Tony Pulis wins ugly. 5 wins is 5 wins and Crystal Palace FO has to be thanking their stars that Stoke City got rid of him at the end of the season last year.  Doesn’t matter if play beautiful soccer if you can’t stay up in the premier league you are looking at a huge cut in the money coming in to the team.  This weekend, they are playing Man City, so I’m not looking for the winning streak to continue, but it was sweet while it lasted.

News Shorts

The TIFO tomorrow will be awesome.  Minnesota is moving into their training center out in Woodbury.  The team is partnering with the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association, all 70,000 of them.  The Gold Cup might not always be in the US.  And finally, read a preview of the match by the great Jon Marthaler.

…And For Your Amusement

Ramirez and Ibarra are besties.  

As Wes suggested, much like Laverne and Shirley.  A new song perhaps?




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