Loon Ratings Results for Ottawa Away, April 19th, 2014

What a game, what an ending.  Thanks for all the entries.  We had 44 this week!   chart_1

#LoonRatings Player of the Week

The people have spoken, and it is Ibarra by a nose. If one person had raised their rating on Ramirez from an 8 to a 9, Ramirez would have won.  Shows you how important each person’s vote is in an election.  While Pitchkolan’s median was only 8, the most common rating for him was 9.  I’m thinking that scoring a goal is being rated higher than the overall good play of Pitchkolan.  Hear that Pitchkolan? If you want to win the #LoonRatings, start scoring goals.

#LoonRatings Sub of the Week

The sub of the week was clearly Jordan.  Not only did he come on early, he was a great player, taking over the role of the box to box midfielder that Pitchkolan was in the first game.

#LoonRatings Goats of the Week

The goat of this week is Juliano Vincentini, which I feel is a little harsh, as he was injured early in the game, and there was little to base, in my opinion the ratings he got.  However, Davis and Daley were rated similarly in terms of Median.  

I was surprised that Tiago Calvano and Dias were rated as highly as they were, as they seemed to be responsible for the goal and had a couple of miscommunications that led to some decent looks on goal for Ottawa.  

Still, no player seems to be a liability on the field right now, which explains why each player is typically scoring above a 6.

Below is the complete list of average, median and mode as well as the standard deviation.  Interestingly, the standard deviations for the most part were much less this week than last week.

Player Average Median Mode standard deviation
Matt Van Okel 7.77 8 8 1.41
Tiago 7.28 7 8 1.25
Venegas 7.14 7 7 1.09
C. Dias 6.97 7 6 1.24
Justin Davis 6.59 6 6 1.30
Juliano 5.48 6 6 2.11
A. Pitchkolan 8.13 8 9 1.20
J. Watson 7.03 7 6 1.47
O. Daley 6.17 6 6 0.93
Ibarra 8.57 9 8 1.04
C. Ramirez 8.53 8.5 8 0.97
G. Jordan 8.09 8 7 1.46
Mendes 5.93 6 6 1.07
S. Bracalello 5.68 6 6 1.47
Overall Team Performance 7.73 8 8 1.17
Manny Lago’s Coaching Decisions 7.66 8 8 1.84

Starting in a couple weeks, I’ll post the averages for each measure for the players.

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