Loon Ratings Results for San Antonio Away (4-12-14)

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So, the fans, the dark clouds and the hecklers have spoken.

This year, I’m going with Median as the score to use as I think it helps to differentiate more players’ performances and helps to eliminate some of the noise in the data.  I’ve included the averages and mode though, for those of you interested.

Ramirez by a nose is our fan player of the week with a Median score of 9 (using average score as tie breaker).  Our goat of the week was Franks with a median score of 6, but a couple other players also put in average performances, like Matt Van Okel (who really didn’t have much to do), Justin Davis, and Juliano.  Ibarra was the sub of the week.  We should see if we can get a sub shop to give our sub of the week a free sub.  

All these ratings feel about right to me.  Ramirez had an amazing goal, but did get lost a bit in the middle of the game, but I’m not sure who else you choose as player of the game.  Franks was the missing man most of the game, and seemed to have little to do in our most successful build-ups on goal.  Ibarra came in and replaced Franks, and almost instantly the team dynamics in the attacking third changed.  

It’s really nice to have a deep enough team that you can have Ibarra and Bracallello as subs.

Manny and the team got high marks, with each getting an 8.  That’s what happens when you win!  


By popular request, here’s the full results, including standard deviation.

Player SAS Away Average Median Mode standard deviation
Matt Van Okel 7.10 6 6 1.51108947628611
Tiago 7.34 8 8 1.60638968027003
C. Dias 7.24 7 7 1.47953519398624
Venegras 8.18 9 9 1.44803137804223
Justin Davis 7.22 6 6 1.27499402198503
Juliano 6.75 6 6 1.40967353922087
A. Pitchkolan 7.51 8 8 1.50193673418303
J. Watson 6.84 7 7 1.6173204258623
O. Daley 6.80 7 7 1.43580585788555
Franks 6.28 6 6 1.60506956643331
C. Ramirez 8.40 9 9 1.44978709247617
M. Ibarra 7.17 7 7 1.28626262664957
G. Jordan 6.13 6 6 1.31870232346925
S. Bracalello 6.32 6 6 1.33445898430067
Overall Team Performance 7.51 8 8 1.53331407373912
Manny Lago’s Coaching Decisions 7.21 8 8 1.7184183636338

Also, here’s the POWER RANKINGS from the question: “what should have been in the egg?”

5.  HODOR!

4. Nick Rogers.

3. Real Scorpions.

2. Some dignity and pride for SAS.

1. A smaller egg.

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