Tactical Analysis – San Antonio Away (2-0 win for the Loons)

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Image from NASL.com

If you are looking for a recap of the game, MNunitedFC.com has a good summary of the events, including the two goals and the red card on San Antonio.

While the team was lined up in what was listed as a 4-2-3-1 or almost a 4-4-1-1 with Franks behind Ramirez, in practice it ended up being a 4-1-3-1-1.  Pitchkolan was a box to box midfielder, even providing the assist on Ramirez’s goal.   Juliano, Pitchkolan’s partner in the defensive midfield, played back much more.  It was great to see Pitchkolan cut loose a bit in the central midfielder position, as he provided a number of good passes into the attacking third.

Along the wings, Daley looked really quick on the right side, beating his marker a couple of times with the ball at his feet or to a long ball.  On the other side, it seemed that Watson pushed inside a bit more than Daley did, which gave Davis, the left fullback more space to push up.  Davis was in the attacking third quite a bit during the first half.

Ramirez was fantastic up top, and seems more athletic than Campos.  While Campos seems to rely on his size and strength to beat opposing centerbacks, Ramirez seemed a touch quicker and on the goal was able to turn quicker than Campos usually does.

Franks was a mixed bag for the most part. While he looked strong with the ball at his feet, he had trouble corralling the ball on longer passes to him.  I’m wondering if with Pitchkolan pushing farther forward than might have been expected he was a bit lost in the crowd in the offensive third.  Also, when the team started parking the bus after the red card, his role seemed to diminish.

The defensive line was decent, although seemed to give up too many attacks for playing against a team with only 10 men.  I suspect Pitchkolan and Davis pushing forward left them a little exposed in the back.   They bent, but didn’t break, but against a team with more attacking options than the Scorpions will likely give up a goal or two with a similar performance.

Venegas as the free kick specialist worked well, with him putting one into the net in the second half on a free kick.  The team seemed much more fit than their opponents, but when their opponents only have 10 men, it might not be a great judge of fitness.


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