Minnesota United FC Weekly News Wrap-Up (April 12th Edition)

We win!  2-0 for Minnesota United against the San Antonio Scorpions

Great start to the season.  The team overall looked much more dangerous in the attacking half and it feels like the team is much deeper than in years past.  I have a write up about tactics and individual performances of Minnesota.

Better Know a Foe

A little bit about San Antonio Scorpions I gathered from some of their fans that I posted over on /r/minnesotaunited.  I plan on posting the same type of post Wednesday for Ottawa over on reddit as well.  Let me know if there are specific questions you’d like to see answered by our opponents fans.

Loon Ratings

Post your rating on the loons and their play this week!

San Antonio President proves delusional

What was he thinking?  He publishes an article on the team website making derogatory comments about President Rogers, and claiming that Rogers had made negative comments about the Scorpions.  It had the feeling of a Wrestlemania promo.  Apparently it was to drum up interest to get people out to the game, but it was filled with half-truths and outright lies.  Here’s a quote from the press release:

“uncalled for [sic] comments by the Minnesota team president over the course of the past year about our fans and organization.”

Our great Prez had no idea what the Scorps were talking about.  I just went looking for the original article, and the post on San Antonio website is gone.

United Partners with Atomic Data

It’s great to see United with a jersey sponsorship, finally.  It looks great, and Atomic Data’s logo is really cool.  I’m glad to see them have another revenue stream.

Soccer now has it’s own tab on Star Tribune

This is great news for local coverage of Soccer here in the twin cities.  I’m looking forward to seeing interest in the team and the sport continue to grow in the twin cities.

Crystal Palace Relegation Watch

Since reading some books on soccer strategy, I’ve become a fan of Tony Pulis, who kept Stoke City up in the Premier League for many years.  Now with Crystal Palace, he’s doing the same.  As a new feature in these weekly write-ups I’m going to post a bit about how they are doing in their quest to escape relegation.  Pretty well, apparently.  They are currently in the middle of a 3 game winning streak, with a win against Aston Villa this weekend and against Chelsea two weekends ago with a 3-0 shellacking of Cardiff in between.

Pulis has got the team believing they have a shot every game, and that finds them with 37 points in 12 place, 7 points clear of relegation.  A far cry from where they were when he took over in the fall and they had only won one game so far in the season.


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