Minnesota United Weekly News Round-up (April 6th Edition)

Lots of news this week about Minnesota, and we are only 6 days away from opening day.

Minnesota Wins Their Last Pre-Season Game 6-0

Minnesota looked great playing again University of Nebraska Omaha in their last preseason game.  My favorite signing, Christian Ramirez had a goal as well as Jamie Watson.  They could be a dangerous pair up top this season.  Also, a trialist with Minnesota, Mackenzie Pridham, seems to have gotten some playing time as well.  He’s a recent grad from Cal Poly, and was drafted in the fourth round by Vancouver in the MLS Superdraft.  Apparently, he didn’t catch on there, here’s hoping he can help out the Loons!

Minnesota in a double header at the Bank with Manchester City and Olympiakos?

An eagle eyed observer noticed the NASL managed schedule listed the August 2nd game against Ottawa at the Bank, which is the same day as the Manchester City/Olympiakos match.  It quickly got changed back to NSC, but word on the street is announcement is coming this week.  That would be great publicity for the team, and might help to break a lower league attendance record here in Minnesota.

Minnesota Signs Greg Jordan and Tyler Polak and give a contract extension to Miguel Ibarra

Apparently Minnesota is a family affair what with now two sets of brothers on the team.  Tyler Polak looks to be a great pick up to help add depth to our defense, which Greg Jordan joins an already crowded midfield.  My guess is these guys might get a lot of playing time on the Reserves this spring.  I’m really looking forward to the Reserves giving some of the young guys a lot more game experience.

Miguel’s contract extension I only mention because I think it shows the long term planning that is going on at Minnesota United FC.  He’s one that is getting some interest from MLS, and Minnesota United FC would love some transfer money if he makes the move up to MLS.

NASL now charging for streams of matches

NASL is charging for streams of league matches this year.  My concern with this is threefold.  One, is the quality actually going to improve?  Two, are they cutting out a number of casual fans who might tune in to watch the game?  Three, why isn’t there a stream of the week or a discount for season ticket holders?  I’m ok with paying, but I’m not thrilled about it if it’s the same mediocre product I got for free last year.  I’ll be testing it out next week though when I hide in a corner at the wedding I’m going to.  We’ll see what the app that they are offering is like.

Dunord and Wes interview our fearless president, Nick Rogers

While this was filled with a lot of sports double talk from Nick Rogers, it still was interesting to hear their strategy and plans and how they’ve built up the company.  Nick described the company as almost being two companies, one a soccer playing company and one a media company, which makes a lot of sense he would view it that way based on the way they’ve structured the team.

Minnesota Eliminates the Goalkeeper (April fools joke)

That’s all! See you at the Amsterdam Bar on Tuesday for a Question and Answer with the Dark Clouds and Players from the team!


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