Minnesota United FC Weekly News Round-Up (March 31st, 2014 edition)

So, what is quickly becoming an institution around here, here’s my weekly news update about the greatest team on earth, Minnesota United FC.

Total-NASL previews the coming Minnesota United FC season

Hey look at that, a national website covering our hometown boys.  They get some decent things right like defense being our biggest question mark.  Right now, I have to admit I’m more worried about our ability to finish without Pablo at the top of our formation.

Dunord Podcast interviews Cap’t Pitch

Pitchkolan stopped by the Dunord “studio” and spoke with Bruce and Wes about the team, the upcoming season and Minnesota in general. I was a little disappointed with this interview, because it felt like Pitch was a little on guard and answered many of the questions with “sports player’s answers” where they say a lot of words that don’t really say anything.  Didn’t realize that Pitch had been named captain, though, so congrats to him for that!

Minnesota adds Daniel Mendes

They are trying to pass this off as a Pablo replacement, and I don’t think that’s totally accurate, as Mendes is more of an attacking mid than a true striker.  He’s an exciting signing, and his highlight real includes the fastest goal in Swedish league history.  I like that the team is trying to make up for a major weakness we had last year, the ability to score goals, in a major way this year.


Minnesota United FC Kickoff Event at the MOA

This past Sunday, Minnesota United FC had a PR event at the MOA.  They introduced the team, and then fans got to interact with the team.  Manny made an interesting sartorial choice with a blue suit and brown shoes, but other than that, it seemed to go off without a hitch.  The Dark Clouds were present in force, and we got to sing “We All Believe” in the rotunda which has amazing acoustics.

Questions/ponderings for this week

1.  Will the team announce new merchandise, like a new scarf, anytime soon?  

2.  Any new defensive signings?

3.  How many people will show up for the opening game?

4.  Who’s the first player you would want Minnesota to sign if/when they move to MLS?

Link of the Week

The history of Minnesota Soccer Scarves is looking great!  Thanks for all the help, everyone!


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