Minnesota United FC Weekly News Wrap-up (March 23rd, 2014 edition)

Minnesota United FC Returns from England

Minnesota United FC had a mostly excellent trip over the pond to England.  They beat Matlock Town, a hastily thrown together team of young prospects by the scoreline 8-0 and then lost to Derby County 2-0.  They got a ton of great press, and seemed to have nothing but positives to say about the trip.

Campos Out for the Season Injured

Man, this is the first piece of terrible news in a while for the United.  Campos was their only out and out striker, and with the formation they were going to play, 4-2-3-1, a strong target striker was vital.  It’ll be interesting to see what do.  I could see them modifying their current formation to be a more 4-2-2-2, or even 4-2-4-0.  He was becoming somewhat of a local star (there were people on reddit talking about being excited to see him play) and definitely was the engine in our offense in the second half last season.

Du Nord Podcast Ep. 88

Truly the only podcast I listen to (really, most seem too long to slog through for the hopes that something is interesting).  They have an inside track with the team, and often break news earlier than most.  Sounds like they are hearing rumblings of a sponsorship.  I’m predicting MOA, due to the season kickoff event happening there next Sunday.  There is also news that is so secret even they aren’t privy to it, so that’s excited.

That’s all the news fit to print this week.  See you next Sunday (at the kickoff event hopefully!)


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