Minnesota United FC Off-season Moves, Non-Player Edition

I was putting together a post about off-season moves, and I’m glad that I waited, because the best news came this week.  So without further ado, here is the Minnesota United FC Off-Season Moves, Non-Player Edition.  That means that these are for only non-player moves and news.  News about the roster moves will be in a later post.

All home games will be broadcast on KSTC 45

Grade: A

This is probably the best news for fans this off-season.  It shows how much the front office has worked to improve the relations with the business community.  I’m looking forward to seeing a game or two on 45 while I’m taking care of my newborn this summer.  It makes the team look so much more of a real pro team.  In a market like the Twin Cities where you have 4 major league pro teams and a major university with TV deals, a team without a TV deal looks like a mom and pop operation.

Spring Training Trips to LA and England

Grade: A

These have been great for the team, and it’s been amazing to see articles in the British press refer to Minnesota United FC.  While if I was being nitpicky, I might complain that there hasn’t been live video of our pre-season matches, at the same time, the highlights have been posted quickly.  Our team is coming together, and there have been a lot of positive developments player wise because of these trips.

No More Free Streams to watch the games

Grade: D-

While not MN United FC specific, it was terrible news for fans of the team.  While charging for a streaming service is reasonable, unless there is a drastic improvement in the quality, no price will be worth it for streaming NASL games.  The price that was set, was way too high as well.  And since the announcement, there has been no new news about the service.  It just felt like a really poorly thought out idea, that was announced well before the league was ready to announce it.  I’ll have a hard time paying for it, particularly if it’s as poor as the service was last year for the games.

MLS says that Minnesota is in the short list of expansion locations

Grade: B +

The FO of MN United FC has handled all this expansion talk really well, talking more about making the most of their current opportunities.  While it would be exciting to see Minnesota part of MLS, I’m much more interested in seeing the team increase their support this year without using MLS to get people to the games.  I’ve seen a couple places get excited about MLS and then when the carrot of MLS is gone, the fans leave too.

Minnesota United starts a reserve team in NPSL

Grade: B+

This was a great idea.   The team’s schedule also is mostly during May and June when NASL goes on break, which means there’s no break in live soccer for true fans.  The knock against this is that it’s unclear what players will be on the team.  They talked about getting playing time for Minnesota United FC players, which would be great, but they also talked about having college players on the team as well.   It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out once it gets closer to the season.  The other problem I have with it personally is the games will be out it Woodbury.   I’m just not thrilled about driving all the way out there for a game.

What about you all?  What got you excited this offseason?  What bummed you out?

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