Reflections from the Gold Cup

I’m the one on the right, with my finger in the air.

I was travelling back to Minnesota from the east coast and decided to stop off in Chicago for the Gold Cup championship game once I knew that USMNT was in the game.  Here are a couple things that I noticed about the trip and the supporters.

The March

The march was a ton of fun, we shut down the streets as we walked, and got lots of supportive high fives and honks from bystanders.  Stopping at USSF headquarters was fun too, although from where I was standing, I couldn’t hear anything.

Soldier Field

I’m not sure who did this, either soldier field or CONCACAF, but either way, selling the first row in front of the supporters section was a terrible idea.  Around the 10th minute or so, they made the entire first row of supporters leave, including the capos leading the chants.  It made it tough to get songs and chants going after that for a while.

The Supporters

American Outlaws Chicago was a great host, particularly on such a short notice.  For most of the match, the supporters were excellent and loud.   Unfortunately, between getting kicked out of the first row in the supporters section, and the 4 or 5 chants that were on repeat the whole match, it occasionally became a bit lackluster.  It’s tough getting a bunch of people together and singing all the same songs, but it would have been nice if there were a couple other songs to sing.  Still, the supporters were loud, and were proud.

Message to the guy behind me shouting “puto”, still not cool.   Cut out the anti-gay shit.

Also, the “Panama, we split your country in two” got the supporters engaged, but I guess my social justice leanings keep me from loving chants that celebrate the US’s imperialist tendencies.  At least we didn’t chant “superpower”.

Still, this was a great game, and we got the cup.  For the most part, I’m just nitpicking.

“We got the cup, we got the cup!”

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A writer, an avid consumer of soccer, music, media, books and games, a poorly self-taught handy man, a nom de plume.
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