Supporters Week for MLS rather disappointing

With this being week of celebrations, MLS has decided to do another supporters week, celebrating the growing supporters' culture in MLS and American Soccer.

Sadly, this year's is a little disappointing so far. We have an article by Greg Lalas about what it means to be a supporter versus being a fan. It was a decent overview of the recent history of supporters in the US.

Then, we have a video about the San Jose 1906 Ultras, which is an interesting choice. Yes, the Quakes are one of the most exciting teams in MLS, due to their proclivity for comebacks, but the 1906 Ultras seem like a troubled Supporters Group, due to their connection to a violent incident at a Portland Timbers game. You just don't have much in the way of violence between fans in the MLS, and it's surprising that the league would celebrate the one group that has had an issue with it.

Beyond that, it's been slim pickings. It doesn't seem to be pushed on the front of There was an article about Chivas USA and the travails of being a supporter of that club. I just feel bad for those fans. They have an opportunity to build something great there, and instead, it's just a disaster.

There was another about soccer podcasts being punkrock. I have to admit, maybe I'm missing something here with podcasts, but I find them to be rather boring. One or two guys, with a lot of soccer knowledge, sit around talking for a long time. Maybe it's a sign of how I consume media as I don't enjoy listening to books on tape and I don't like listening to sports or talk radio. I'd rather read an article that has been edited (or even a blog post that has been self-edited) than someone rambling on about a topic.

Hopefully with the end of the week, we'll get something better, or at least more interesting.

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