2013 USMNT Gold Cup Roster: Should we be excited or disappointed?

When I first looked at the gold cup roster, I was excited.  Donovan back with the national team!  The gooch!  Wondo with another shot!  It seemed like Klinsmann was really working to put out a quality side.  But as I looked at it closer, I have to admit, my enthusiasm waned a bit.

Looking at the 2011 Gold cup roster, where the team featured many top US players, including Bradley, Bocanegra, Donovan, Altitodore, Dempsey and Howard.   Other than Donovan, none of these players would be featured in this Gold Cup.  Sure, in 2011, there wasn’t World Cup qualification, but I’m still looking at the players on the team, and I can’t help but be a little disappointed.

So in an attempt to psych myself up (and hope that we will get to the final because I have a chance to go to Chicago to see it) here is my list of reasons to be excited about the roster.

1.  Donovan and Gooch are back.  It’ll be great to see them in them playing for the national team.  I think both still have a lot to add to the national team, and the Gold Cup is a chance for them to prove it.

2.  Sean Johnson Redemption.    Sean Johnson’s last major role in for a USMNT is when he let in an easy goal in extra time against El Salvador during Olympic Qualifying.  Hopefully he’ll get a chance to show that he is a better goal keeper than that showed.

3.  Wondo. I’d love to see him make some noise this tournament.  He’s a fun player to watch (and hate) with the Quakes.  Man, that team likes to play right at the edge of dirty.

4. Hercules. I haven’t gotten a chance to see much of him play for the US, it’ll be great to see how it goes for him at the gold cup.

5.  Beckerman. Everyone’s favorite dredded midfielder will be on the USMNT again.  It’ll be interesting to see if he gets the armband, as he is a great leader for RSL.

So there you go, 5 reasons I’m looking forward to the Gold Cup.  Besides the fact that is the USMNT, of course.


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